What Happened to the ADA S1 Pipe?
What happened the the ADA S1 exhaust pipe for Go-Peds?

Do you have any laying around that you can sell?

Why don't you make it anymore?

We get these questions all the time and we'll give you some answers and info on the S1(and S2). The last time we had a run of the ADA S1 and S2 pipes made was in July of 2008.  We never made the exhaust pipes ourselves.  They were first made by a company in northern California called Factory Pipe.  They also made 2-stroke exhaust systems for PWC and even did a custom Yamaha WaveBlaster chamber for us called the 490B.  Factory Pipe would supply us the stampings, then we had a local company in Arizona weld them together and then we would take them to another local company to get them nickel plated.  Then in 2000 we switched the pipes to another company in northern California called Coffman Exhaust.  They supplied us with the pipes already welded together and then we just had to send them out to get them nickel plated.  In 2008, Coffman Exhaust made the decision to discontinue manufacturing all 2-stroke exhaust and and only make exhaust for 4-stroke applications.  For them it was a business decision based on ease of manufacturing.  Stamping and welding 2-stroke exhaust is much more time consuming than mandrel bending tubing for 4-strokes.  For us at the same time, pipe sales had slowed considerably.  So we determined it was not feasible to search out someone new to make them for us and we discontinued them.

Do we still have any pipes 'laying' around that we could sell?  The answer is no.  If we did, then they'd be available for sale on our website.  We sold the last ones many years ago.

Will we ever make them again?  Never say never, buy who knows.  We do have the stamping molds, but we'd have to find someone local with a big enough press to stamp them.  Then we have to make a jig for a welding fixture and then find someone to weld them as well.  Unfortunately, it is just not something that we have time to do these days.  Maybe someday...